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Getting to the Mentawais

Surf travel

Your end flight destination is PADANG, the capital of Sumatra.

Depending on where you are flying from, you will reach Padang via Singapore KL or Jakarta which is serviced by a host of major airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Quantas, AIR ASIA and Garuda. Other hubs which may work for you are Hongkong and Bangkok. There are many daily flights between Jakarta and Padang. Citilink or Garuda are the best domestic options for your flight Jakarta to Padang. They are reliable and a 20kg free surfboard allowance as well as 20kg regular luggage.

From Padang to Taupejat you catch the Mentawai Fast Ferry which runs on Monday (7am), Wednesday (7am), Friday (7am) and Sunday (10am).

You therefore need to arrive in Padang the day before the ferry departs (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday). You will spend one night in Padang before boarding the Mentawai Fast early the next morning (leaves 7am) and takes 3 hrs to cross. From Taupejat we will transfer you by speedboat to the island, this last leg takes 10 minutes and you will be in your villa by 11am.

   Here is an example of an itinerary:

  • Fly to Singapore land 6am - Singapore Airlines

  • 8.30am flight Singapore to Jakarta - Singapore Airlines

  • Jakarta to Padang - 1hr flight Citilink 3.30pm (book domestic flight separately online

  • Padang to Tau Pajet - 6/7am 3hr Mentawai Fast Ferry

     Qatar airlines has been working very well. Plus you get 40kg luggage allowance!


  • Padang Tuapejat - 3hr Mentawai Fast Ferry. Departs Sun, Wed, Fri 7am and Mon 6am

  • Tuapejat Padang - departs Tau Pejat at 3pm and arrives back in Padang about 6-6.30pm

 Please fly in the day before the Mentawai Fast Ferry departure and fly out the day after your arrival back in Padang. We can assist with your flight itinerary, airport, hotel and ferry transfers as well as with hotel reservations.

Please email your flight itineraries so we can check it all ties up or we can email you a suggested flight itinerary for your travel

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