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MENTAWAI SURF CAMP - waves in our area 

surf righthander resort mentawai


Watch spellbound as this fast and hollow righthander reels down the reef, just north of Bilou Beach. It slows down after it hits the Backyard corner and on higher tides becomes a hotdog wave for all skill levels. 5min away by boat, or a 10minute stroll down the beach.

surf resort mentawais


It's waves like these that made the Mentawai's famous. One of the most perfect and versatile waves on the planet. From heaving hollow barrels when its big, to smackable horseshoe bowls, to fun shoulder high peelers for the whole family, Telescopes has it all. The Swiss Army knife of waves. Multiple peaks and take off spots means everyone gets waves.


Further around from Outers you will find this legendary lefthander. Hardly ever goes flat. Can be a gas chamber barrel or big bowling faces depending on size and swell angle.

surf resort mentawais eco retreat camp


Just across the channel is this "pro's only" lefthand drainpipe. This wave was originally named Suicides. A true test for those who know what they doing.


Keep driving past Telescopes and you will get to Scarecrows left. Picks up more swell than Tellies but the lineup can be a little less predictable. Make sure you are there when the Curry Bowl comes to life!


This is the exposed swell magnet righthander at the very top of our reef. Its starts as an A frame peak and can hold size. Breaks in deep water and can be surfed during all tides and has waves when everywhere else is flat.


Up around the back of the islands is Tikus lefts. This is a fun, all tide, all skills wave which reminds everyone of Maccas. Just cruise down the line or smack the lip repeatedly: you chose!



Situated at the tip of the headland across from Bilou Beach is this ledgy lefthander, which is usually overlooked as surfers are drawn to Telescopes. It likes a mid swell and mid tide and can deliver focused wedging barrels.


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